Our Commitment

J.T. Hannah’s Kitchen is a casual dining experience unique to Pigeon Forge and is the vision of local family of restaurateurs, not a national chain or franchise.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we use only the freshest ingredients for all of our recipes. Living in such a high-volume tourist destination, to save money, many restaurants in our area – both local and national brands – use frozen or canned ingredients and because of this, their guests are not getting the quality and freshness that they are actually paying for because although the money saving techniques are being used, the savings aren’t being passed to the guests. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. On average, when comparing any of our entrees made with the freshest ingredients available to any similar entree served by our local and national competitor’s made with their cost cutting techniques, our menu prices still run 20% – 60% less and our food quality and tastes reign supreme.

We’ve literally had fellow restaurateurs in the area ask us why we waste so much time and money to make such insignificant items as dressings, or sauces or soups and our answer is simple: It’s not the same. We know it and our guests know it.

We spend our time preparing all of our recipes with the freshest ingredients to give you the most flavorful and wholesome foods in the Smokies. When local farmers have wholesome, flavorful fruits and vegetables this means our guests get those same wholesome and flavorful fruits and vegetables and even better, supporting local farmers is all around better for our environment.

Another way J.T. Hannah’s Kitchen chooses to be different is by giving you great tasting meals at more affordable prices than our competition. When dining with us, you will quickly notice our low prices.  The reason is simple; we do not raise the costs of our meals to include a ton of a la carte items that most of our guests will never use. That same principle is the reason we have an a la carte charge for a la carte items such as additional sauces and dressings. While some may not understand the concept or maybe they even see it as an inconvenience, we think we can offer a valid explanation:

Over 90% of our guests simply do not want the a la carte items so why raise the cost of an entrée to compensate for typically wasted food items? Of course we offer just about any popular a la carte item you can think of but what’s different is our a la carte items are freshly made. So if you’re looking for a side of habanero sauce to accompany your meal, don’t expect it to be poured from of a jar. We make it from scratch, with fresh habanero peppers.

We understand that in today’s economy, more so now than ever before, you are looking for the best value and quality available for your family. At J.T. Hannah’s Kitchen, we strive to provide the highest quality casual dining experience at the most affordable prices in our area and we invite you to come visit us soon and see for yourself! While you’re here, try some of our other great dining destinations.

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