When you are planning a group vacation in the Smoky Mountains, it can be difficult to find places to eat. You have to take into consideration what everyone likes and dislikes, plus whether or not the restaurant can accommodate large groups. The good news is you won’t have to worry about those issues when you visit J.T Hannah’s Kitchen. Here are 4 reasons why our restaurant in Pigeon Forge is perfect for groups:

1. Variety of Menu Options

Food at J.T Hannah's One of the hardest things about going out to eat with a large group is making sure everyone can find something on the menu that they enjoy. We guarantee that will not be an issue at our restaurant. We serve a large variety of different entrees, ranging from burgers to seafood. Even the pickiest of eaters will find something to try. We also have a large selection of appetizers to get your meal started, including fried pickles, quesadillas, potato skins, and much more! No matter what your group is craving, the best place to eat for any occasion is J.T Hannah’s!

2. Friendly Hospitality

It’s no secret that some restaurants aren’t meant to serve large groups for multiple different reasons. In some cases, the restaurant itself is just not set up to accept large parties. In other scenarios, the staff is just not trained to make sure every member of the group feels appreciated. At our restaurant, we thrive in treating each guest that walks through our doors as just another member of the family. That philosophy was started way back around 1930 when the man himself J.T Hannah started running his first public business. The traditions that he built long ago are still the same values that our restaurant has today, including excellent customer service.

3. Plenty of Parking

Parking Whether you are showing up in a car, van, or even a bus, we have plenty of parking for everyone. When we opened our restaurant, we planned on serving as many guests as possible. With that expectation in mind, we knew we needed to have plenty of room for everyone to park their cars. So the next time you are trying to find the perfect place to have lunch or dinner with a large group, come visit our friendly staff at J.T Hannah’s!

4. Group Accommodations

At our restaurant in Pigeon Forge, we are always more than happy to host your group. When you visit us, you will have plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable. We just ask that you give us a heads up a week in advance so we can plan for your arrival. This advance notice allows for us to plan on your group in order to minimize your wait time. There are a couple of easy ways to let us know you plan on visiting our restaurant in Pigeon Forge. The first thing you can do is fill out the group form on our website. It will only take a couple of minutes and provides us with all the details we need to make your evening special! As always, you can also contact our restaurant with any questions regarding group reservations.

Now that you know why our restaurant in Pigeon Forge is perfect for large groups, you are ready to plan your next fantastic meal in the Smoky Mountains! Once you know how people you are expecting, be sure to fill out the group request form so we can secure your spot! We hope to see you and all your friends soon!

J.T Hannah's