Once you hear the sizzle and smell the savory aroma of our signature steaks, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place for your dinner. At J.T Hannah’s we are dedicated to providing our guests with an unforgettable dining experience every time. If you are in the mood for an incredible sirloin or ribeye, we’ve got you covered. Here are 3 reasons why we have the best steak in Pigeon Forge:

1. Our Attention to Detail

Our chefs at J.T. Hannah’s work hard every day to make sure you leave feeling full and happy with your meal. Every steak we prepare for you is prime, hand-cut beef that is seasoned just the way we know you’ll like it. For some incredibly seasoned choices, try the Hand Cut Ribeye or Hawaiian Ribeye. Along with fantastic seasoning, the Hawaiian Ribeye is marinated in a pineapple ginger sauce and basted with teriyaki grilled pineapple. This fan favorite is served with a house salad and your choice of one additional side.

2. Meats Cooked to Perfection

ribsNot only do our chefs season our specialty meats to perfection, but they also cook them just the way you want. Whether you’re a fan of medium and medium rare or you prefer your steaks well-done, you will be impressed with your order every time. With such consistency and dedication to their craft, it’s no wonder our chefs produce the best steaks in Pigeon Forge at J.T. Hannah’s. Next time you’re in, try the Tennessee T-Rex, grilled and covered in sauteed peppers, mushrooms and onions with fajita steak butter. If you are craving something fried, try our classic Country Fried Steak served with white gravy and mashed potatoes.

3. Traditional Recipes

Our menu is inspired by the traditions and recipes from the original J.T. Hannah’s kitchen that opened in the 1930s. We pull from classic recipes of the chefs hired by J.T. Hannah to feed his hard working labor force to create our own, unique menu that keeps people coming back year after year. Try our take on the Grilled Sirloin or Chopped Steak, both mouthwatering angus beef, served with your favorite sides. Tradition is very important to us at J.T. Hannah’s and we want to make sure you taste our dedication in every bite of juicy steak that you try.

More Menu Specialties

foodWhile we’re known for the best steaks in Pigeon Forge, we also have other meat options on our extensive menu that we know you’ll love! If you’re not craving steak, you have to order our Slow Cooked St. Louis Ribs. Served in a half or full rack, these ribs are cooked low and slow with our unique spice blend, covered in our sweet and tangy bbq sauce and served with baked beans and creamy coleslaw. If the ribs sound good to you but you also want to sample some more of our fan favorite meats, try the Ribs and Chicken meal, served with half a rack and grilled bbq chicken.

Now that you know more about why we have the best steak in Pigeon Forge, you can begin deciding which cut of meat you want to try on your next trip to J.T. Hannah’s. Do you have any more questions about our menu or location? Contact us today and let one of our team members assist you with whatever you need.

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